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Injury prevention and performance training at its finest! If you are wanting to achieve performance goals without increasing your risk of injury, be.dynamic is for you!

As trained and practicing physical therapists, we apply sound principles, science, and experience to help you maximize your performance goals!

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Four Pillars of Performance

We approach training from all facets to give you the best results!





Why is Stretching Important?

Stretching allows your muscles to work more efficiently and creates more efficient movement patterns.

Every workout should end with stretching the involved muscle groups for a prescribed time (at least 30 second holds).

Dedicate active rests days to full-body flexibility training.

What is an Accessory Muscle?

Accessory muscles are often neglected in most training plans.  With be.dynamic, you will be building dynamic strength in major muscle groups as well as the accessory muscle groups.

The accessory muscles are what aids in the performance of your major muscles and help to facilitate proper motion and prevent injury.

“Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit.” -Edward Abbey

How long should I train?

This depends on your goals and your “why” behind training!  At be.dynamic, we follow the periodization phases of training.  Your goals will determine in which phase of training you should begin.  Year-round training maximizes your performance through carefully planned overload and adaptation cycles, AND will allow you to PEAK for your most important events throughout the year!  

Still have questions about program length?  

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